Dewatering Systems & Drainage
In many gardens or areas i.e.: Basements it is not possible or practical to discharge drainage or surface water off to a main drain or ditch., which limits what can or cannot be done to a garden or a area.
This problem can be easily overcome by the installation of a pumping station that is linked to the main drain. The excess water from the garden or site can be drained into an underground chamber when the water level in the chamber reaches a certain height a submersible pump would automatically start and discharge the water via a pipe into a suitable drain.
We carry extensive stocks of landrain pipe from 60mm to 100mm and twin wall pipe up to 300mm along with associated fittings. Gravel and slabs used to construct a chamber are also available from stock.
Sewage systems
Sewage lift away stations are designed to enable waste water and sewage to be collected and discharged to a main sewer that is at a higher level than the collecting chamber.
As a main agent for Grundfos pumps we are able to offer the specification and supply of these units.

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