Dust Suppression – Environmental and safety damping down of fire risk hazards

Waste transfer stations and refuse tips are required by the department of thew environment to keep dust levels at a minimum. We can help achieve this by providing a water spraying system that can damp down road ways and general dust generated on such sites.

This can be done with a custom built system fixed at loading /unloading areas access points etc. The system can also be constructed in movable sections with a movable control unit, this allows it to be adapted should the site change or the system is required at another site i.e.: Temporary demolition site.

These systems are also used where it is necessary to keep a material damp to help avoid a possible fire hazard or to help control a possible fire (when operated manually).

Log piles – on site forestry works, which can cause a fire risk
Any area either permanent or temporary where any combustible materials are stored

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