Feed Units

E.J. Woollard Ltd supply and install the ‘Dosatron’ proportional dosage injectors and diluter units


The Dosatron proportional units offer a low cost system for applying soluble fertilizer – Nitric acid – chlorinators and other additives. There are three main Doatron injectors that are commonly used the range is from 500 litres to 20,000 litres per hour. As the unit works on a venture system it does not require an electrical supply, this means it can be installed virtually any where that flowing water is present.

They are available as self contained mobile units that can be added and removed from irrigation lines as required.

Diluter units

The Diluter units work in a different way from the proportional units and are mainly used for fertiliser. The fertilizer needs to be mixed in the bag inside the diluter (this should be cleaned after each use). The unit also works on a venturi action and does not require electrical supply, which makes it completely portable.

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