Garden Centre & Nurseries

E.J. Woollard Ltd has been providing irrigation system to Garden centres and growers for over 70 years. We understand that different types of watering may be required for various applications and various horticultural crops and that this may be the difference between a successful crop and a wasted one.

Low level Spray lines

Often used by tree growers where the trees are laid out in double rows with stems tied to a retaining wire between the rows, as this wire can also be used to suspend the spray line from. This system gives overall wetting of the container surface.

Overhead spray lines

The pin jet nozzle and inverted sprays remain the most versatile and cost effective methods yet developed. 32mm PVC tube is used as standard and is supplied in 4.5 metre lengths with holes drilled and tapped for the nozzles to be screwed in on site. The standard nozzle spacing is 1.5 metres however other spacings are available.

We offer a comprehensive stock of tees elbows, bends, threaded connectors, unions drain valves etc. the sizes range from 16mm + 3/8 inch to 110mm + 4 inch larger sizes are usually available next day.

Drip and Ground irrigation

This type of irrigation is commonly used in glass houses - tree and shrub nurseries – hanging basket growing. It is economical as the drippers place the water where it is needed and if the controllable drippers are used they can be turned of once the crop has been removed if selective cropping is carried out this is a major benefit

Movable Spray Stands

These are widely used in Topical areas of garden centres where the displays are continuously changing. The stands can have different spray heads attached to suit the crop that is being watered; this is a very flexible way of irrigating.

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