Mist Propagation

This is an area of irrigation that we have long been specialists, many of the large mist irrigation schemes in the UK are E.J. Woollard installations. We recommend the supply of Mac penny control units and electronic leaves, used with brass snap action solenoid valves. This equipment operating with Amber mist jet nozzles is unrivalled for maintaining a film of moisture over the leaf surface of cuttings or young plants.

The mist control unit has a built in transformer, which provides a 24 volt AC power supply to the solenoid valve installed in the pipe work on the mist bench. The electronic leaf is positioned on the mist bench and wired into the mist control unit. When the leaf is dry, it signals the absence of moisture on its surface to the controller, which opens the solenoid valve. The duration of the mist is adjustable from about 3 seconds; the moisture that lands on the leaf closes the solenoid valve. The control unit can be overridden to allow the bench to be flooded.

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