Water Storage One of the first things to consider should be the facility to store the water. The size of any water storage facility will be determined by one or more of the following factors –

Supply rate of incoming water.
Consumption rate of water
Required reserve of water
Future requirements of system
Space available – aesthetics

Corrugated steel (sectional) water storage tanks

We supply tanks from the Gordon Low range of surface mounted butyl rubber lined steel water tanks. Capacities range from 4500 litres (1000 gals) to 214,800 litres (47250 gals). The tanks are sectional and require an outlet and over flow, which mean some knowledge of installation is required.

Three types of cover are available for these tanks
Floating type
PVC tent type
Steel type with access hatch

All covers help prevent algae growth and the build up of debris; however the steel lid provides the best results.


Butyl rubber sheeting can be fabricated in to a liner to suit any size of reservoir, and are ideal for the storage of excess drainage water- roof water or reclaimed irrigation water. See filtration section

Heavy duty moulded plastic type

Titan tanks are available from 700 litres to 10,000 litres. These tanks are ready to install and have pre fabricated outlet points. The tanks vary in shape as well as volume the 1000 litre slimline tank is only 700mm wide and can be carried through a terraced hose into the back garden.

We stock the range up to 2500 litres, larger sizes are available to order, usually next day and delivered direct to site

A comprehensive range of fittings and fixings including ball valves – filters – gate valves – Stop cocks – overflows – outlets etc for any tank.
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